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Specializing in on site documentation destruction
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We Recycle 100%
of Everything Shredded

Heartland Shredding, Inc. offers secure ON-SITE confidential document shredding and recycling services to businesses of all kinds and sizes.

  • On Site shredding allows you to witness your documents being destroyed (beyond recognition) inside our mobile shredding truck with a shredder capable of shredding up to 3,000 pounds per hour.
  • We offer “One Time” paper shredding services, as well as On Going “Route” services.

This is a LOW-COST service. We are fully bonded and insured for your protection.

  • All security containers are provided at NO COST as part of our shredding services.
  • 100% of all materials shredded by Heartland Shredding, Inc. are transported to a paper mill, recycled and turned into other usable products and materials.
  • A “Certificate of Destruction” is issued upon the completion of shredding your confidential materials certifying secure, confidential, and total destruction of your records.
  • Our highly trained and professional drivers provide prompt reliable service. All drivers must pass drug testing, comprehensive background checking and confidentiality training.

Heartland Shredding, Inc. is a locally owned and operated family business serving the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Grinnell areas specializing in ON-SITE document shredding.

Our services are secure, affordable and convenient.

  • Secure- Heartland Shredding, Inc. will provide you with locking security containers with a small opening for you and your staff to deposit sensitive and confidential documents in. Heartland Shredding, Inc. mobile shredding trucks shred your sensitive documents ON-SITE into small confetti size particles. On your schedule, we shred the contents of your security container at your location and return the container empty.
  • Affordable - We can provide cost effective solutions for your sensitive document shredding. We will tailor our low cost services to your needs, complete your shredding in a courteous and timely manner so your staff can focus on their actual responsibilities rather than sitting at a paper shredder. NO MESS and NO NOISE.
  • Convenient - Heartland Shredding, Inc. helps you avoid the responsibility, expense, and clutter of purchasing, maintaining and operating paper shredders. No pre-sorting, sifting, or special handling is required for our shredding services. Choose attractive, locked security containers for placement in your office wherever they may be needed for FREE! Your staff will simply deposit sensitive documents in the container through a top loading slot in the container, leaving your sensitive documents safe and secure from prying eyes or theft!

All businesses have confidential information that needs to be destroyed on a regular basis.

If your business is careless or negligent about destroying private and sensitive information, the consequences can be very damaging to your company and very costly. Choosing Heartland Shredding, Inc. allows you to protect your business, employees and customers from identity theft and security breeches, reduce your exposure to litigation, protect your reputation and comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding safeguarding information.

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